Another £100M up in smoke: new docs reveal shocking incinerator cost increase


On 20th December the County Council tried to sneak out figures revealing that in 2016 they signed up to over £100m in cost increases over the life of the Javelin Park contract. Taxpayers are now on the hook for over £189/tonne for much of the waste that will be burnt.

These are the figures Sid Saunders and others were asking for last summer, and it's now clear why the County Council appealed ICO rulings and have tried to hide them for so long.

So we are taking action in 2 ways:

1. "Money to burn" demo - join us


2. Call for a public inquiry - add your voice

At you can find an open letter issued today to call for an independent inquiry into how these cost increases were allowed, and the litany of earlier cases of the public and council being misled. 

You can add your voice to the calls for an inquiry, and contact your councillors, parish councils and public figures to ask them to give their support. 

The County Council continue to use the taxpayers money and press department to manufacture figures and spin the Javelin Park project. Cllr Rachel Smith (Green, Minchinampton) said: 

“Because information on the contract costs and structure has been withheld from Councillors for so long, the Council’s own scrutiny processes have failed. We now need an independent inquiry to look at all the evidence fairly, and to learn lessons that can shape the future management of this contract, protect the council from risks in future, and allow us to keep increasing recycling rates, instead of burning more.”

Read and share the open letter here

Never give up!

What we now know, we know because concerned citizens of Gloucestershire continued - in the face of their (our) own money being used on expensive lawyers against them - to challenge the secrecy surrounding this appalling deal.  But we still don't know WHY we have been saddled with possibly the most expensive waste contract in the country.  

Let's keep demanding answers.

See you tomorrow morning at the gates!

Jojo Mehta