Aren't they building it already?

Yes.  However the contract is such an appalling financial deal for the county that even if they stopped now and simply sent waste elsewhere in the region for processing (yes, there is capacity) they would save money long term and there would be one less polluting beast in existence.  Even better, they could go for a cheaper, greener recycling based solution and could save even more money, freeing up funds that are badly needed for frontline services such as social care, education, and housing.

And even if cancelling wasn't going to save money, it would still be the right thing to do (see WHY RESIST).  We live in a world where pollution of soil, air and water is contributing to the biggest extinction event since the dinosaurs. (Have you noticed the insects are all disappearing...?) The Paris agreement acknowledges that emissions must be curbed if climate change is even to be addressed let alone slowed. The UK has already been on the wrong side of 2 high court judgements this year for breach of air pollution safety regulations.  In this context, anything less than taking stock and changing course is deeply irresponsible.

Isn't incineration better than landfill? If not, what is?

No it's not better. It simply replaces landfill with airfill - redistributes the pollution from a concentrated locality on the ground to a wider area in the air which means everyone within 25 miles can breathe it in.  See Plumeplotter for where the incineration pollution would be carried by the wind on any given day.  Incineration is the world's primary man-made source of deadly dioxin compounds.  Filters - when working, and they are notorious for failing - cannot stop nano-particles which are acknowledged to be carcinogenic.  There are multi-site studies (see here and here) to show that miscarriages and stillbirths are more common near incinerators, even modern ones.  NB 20,000 children attend educational establishments within 5 miles of Javelin Park.

What is better?  There are recycling based options for "black bag" waste, which believe it or not is mostly recyclable even after you've sorted the stuff your district council collects.  MBT or mechanical biological treatment is a proven option that is cheaper and far less polluting than incineration.  A best-in-class, flexible version of this is proposed by Community R4C.

What can we do to stop it?

More than you think, even at this late stage.  

Visible objection and resistance are hugely important, hence the creation of this website - investors should be aware that the Javelin Park project will continue to be both controversial and problematic - both terms already being used in the industry press.  Protesting does make a difference.  Work is already behind schedule and overbudget.  So called "Energy from Waste" (incineration) is not a secure investment and the less secure we make it, the more worried investors get.  JOIN US to keep up to date with actions and to volunteer anything from popping posters through the doors of your street to getting up to some peaceful mischief.  Press attention is ALWAYS useful.

MISCHIEF! - We have already shown that it only takes half a dozen people to shut down the Javelin Park site, needing police to get us out of the way (NB no charges have been pursued, no doubt because we were not actually obstructing the highway as claimed). Let's keep Urbaser Balfour Beatty wondering about what we might do next...

Legal routes are being pursued - if the anti-competitive nature of the contract is acknowledged by the Competition & Markets Authority the entire contract or large parts of it could be voided.  The Council's auditors have also been pursuing Community R4C's complaint on value for money, and their response is currently being analysed.  

The County Council is already in special measures for some services - Children's Services received an appalling Ofsted report this year which revealed that the "culture of secrecy" in the Council is systemic and serious, already evident in the transparency scandal over the Javelin Park contract.  If challenged in other areas as well the Council could be looking at serious investigation of Council practice.