11th September 2017 - On becoming visible

Opening the public eye

Following recent events, awareness is spreading about Javelin Park - not least amongst the police. The desk sergeant who interviewed me, for example, didn't previously know an incinerator was being built 2 miles from his desk (let alone that it was in any way controversial)!

So how can we keep the word spreading?  People are stepping forward with tips and events:

1. Hashtags ###

A simple social media tip: for anyone using Twitter or Facebook, do start using these "hashtags" in any posts about the incinerator - just add them to your posts/tweets: 

#incineration  #CancelTheContract  #SaveStonehouseHighStreet

This will create an online record of related items.

2. Showing who we are

Last month's sofa protesters represented thousands of Gloucestershire residents who oppose the incinerator. The story of grandpa Martin Stockwell's arrest made clear that we are not all hippie activists. And showing the breadth of opposition can be done without risking a cell visit. 

If you're inspired to organise folk you have connections with (farmers, teachers, office professionals, shopkeepers, musicians, doctors, healers?) to help create that visibility, please reply to get in touch.

Nick Weir is starting off with an "Elders & Children" singing photocall at the site - if you are an elder or a youngster, or if you have parents, children or grandchildren who are, you are warmly invited to swell the numbers:

When: Sunday 24th September, 11am

Where: Meet in car park at Blooms/Wyevale Garden Centre, GL10 3DP

This is a media opportunity. But more than that, you elders are the wise ones... and the children come with their hopes and trust in the future. You are here to protect and uphold that trust, to shelter that hope. You will be making a powerful moral statement, and we can be witness to that statement.  

You can find the Facebook event here. There is also more detailed information at the bottom of this email. [1]

3. Postering in Stonehouse

I am expecting the arrival of a large number of "#Cancel the CONtract" and "#SAVE Stonehouse HIGH STREET" posters for delivery to Stonehouse households and shops (any anyone else who wants them for their front windows/backs of cars). Wouldn't it be eye-catching to drive through Stonehouse and see those yellow triangles in every window...? 

If you can help deliver these, please let me know by replying to this mail.  And if you're able to contribute to printing costs, that would be marvellous - please do so here: http://paypal.me/jojomehta

Together, we are becoming visible...

PS - and if you are interested in / willing to take a stance that involves peaceful mischief / civil disobedience just reply to let us know.


[1] https://www.facebook.com/events/877724425712602/

Here is an email from Nick for circulation among your networks:

Dear all

Elders & Children Photocall at Javelin Park

We would like to invite young and old people to a photo shoot outside Javelin Park on Sunday 24th September meeting in the Blooms car park at 11am. The young people will be wearing breathing masks (provided) to highlight the air pollution risk. This would build on the recent press coverage of the arrest of grandfather, Martin Stockwell at Javelin park where Martin was protesting against the incinerator on behalf of his grandchildren.  

While we have the children there we would also like to video them singing ‘we don’t want incineration’ to the tune of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall. Here are the alternative lyrics:

   We don't need incineration

   We don't need your climate crime

   No dark deception in the council

   Think it's cancellation time


   Hey! Council! Cancellation time


   All in all it's just a rotten deal for us all

   All in all it's just a rotten deal for us all


It would be great to have a big crowd for this.  Please pass on this email.


Jojo Mehta