29th September 2017 - ANOTHER incinerator?! You have got to be kidding

Not one but TWO incinerators... 

Crazy as it may be, we are now facing the possibility of TWO incinerators going ahead within a mile of each other.  

Smiths, the local waste management company whose trucks are well-known around the county, want to begin operating an ‘energy from waste’ plant called a gasifier (a form of extra high temperature incineration) at Moreton Valence, just over the M5 from Javelin Park.   

They say it's to process their own waste, but at a capacity of 65,000 tonnes per annum on top of the 200,000 tonnes per annum capacity at Javelin Park, it would make Gloucestershire a morass of incineration pollution - and a graveyard for recycling.

Submit objections NOW (deadline Tuesday)

In order to proceed, Smiths require a variation to their existing planning permission, and this is where we come in.  

The deadline for objections is next Tuesday 3rd October, and you can do this in one of two ways:   

    1. Go to http://planning.gloucestershire.gov.uk/publicaccess/ and enter 17/0008/STMAJW.  You have to register and log in to comment.  
    2. Email planningdc@gloucestershire.gov.uk quoting Application 17/0008/STMAJW in the subject line.  

Here are a few pointers as to what you could mention (and be sure to use the words "I object"): 

  • There is no need for the increase in residual waste capacity - the tonnages they predict are already included in the capacity allocated to Javelin Park.  
  • The original planning permission was given before Javelin Park and is just across the M5. The combined effect would increase toxic air pollution, particularly for people living close by.   
  • Most energy produced would not be renewable, and a large proportion of that which is will be derived from clean wood which should be recycled rather than burnt.
  • Sorting provision seems rudimentary, meaning it's likely that lots of recyclates will be burnt, not taken up the waste hierarchy as they should be.

Make sure to include your nameaddress and postcode in Gloucestershire.

We are getting better at making ourselves heard - let's ensure Smiths have an idea what to expect...

Jojo Mehta