26th April 2017 - Lady Godiva rides in Gloucester this Saturday 11am

The burning issue

Though there are numerous reasons to object to the Javelin Park project, including the transparency issue which started this mailing list, many if not most do so on grounds of concern for health and environment. 

As recent press shows (see http://bit.ly/2pPs6TP), our atmosphere is already poisonously overloaded. Burning waste, especially plastics, creates highly dangerous toxins - among which dioxins and furans are two of the most cancer-causing compounds known to man. They can be breathed in and also passed from grazing animals into the food chain. Not all can be filtered, even when filters work (and the very principle of a filter pre-supposes both toxicity and eventual failure). 

No excuse

The health of the land and people should always come before financial considerations. However, while key information from the contract was hidden, the Council could keep on claiming the project would save the County lots of money.  Now we know this isn't the case, there really is no excuse for needlessly compounding air pollution. With 20,000 children attending school within a 5 mile radius of Javelin Park, it's a moral issue.

Lady Godiva of Minchinhampton to appear at Toxin Free rally

The legendary Lady Godiva rode through Coventry in the 11th Century protesting the plight of local taxpayers, clothed only in her long hair.  

Local "Toxin Free" activist Anna from Minchinhampton will appear on a beautiful white horse at a rally in the centre of Gloucester, similarly (un)clothed - and on a similar mission. "We must act to protect our families, our communities and our animals" she says. (BBC and local press have already shown an interest.)

When: Saturday 29th April, 11am

Where: The Cross (centre of Gloucester, where North-, East-, South- and Westgate Streets meet)

NB Rally attendees are invited to take inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead (originally an early summer celebration) - "skulls evoke the toxic risk, flowers the health/nature we wish to protect"

The gift horse - a personal invitation

A trained horse that can deal with crowds, while being offered at a wonderful discount for the cause, doesn't come cheap, so if you are willing to join in a rapid crowdfund to help cover Dougie's (yes that's his name, he's a splendid fellow) costs then please use this link: https://www.paypal.me/jojomehta 

Anything beyond Dougie's necessary will go towards leaflet printing / costumes / placards / transport - in other words all the stuff I normally pay for myself as a priority expense (much to my utility companies' regular annoyance I imagine, sorry Dale I know it's always late).

Here is the link to the Facebook event for the rally - please click for more info and share widely:  https://www.facebook.com/events/437438689937882/

See you in Gloucester.  Let's see if we can grab a front page before the election!


Jojo Mehta