9th December 2016 - Christmas INSINGERATOR PARTY at Javelin Park

Tis the season to be jolly... all singers and non-singers warmly welcome to the Insingerator Party at Javelin Park next Saturday! Details are below. Some carols have been rewritten for the occasion... see a couple here http://bit.ly/2hdmZWJ


We'll be standing in solidarity and sympathy with the folk of Stonehouse who have just been told that their streets will be ripped up for the THIRD time in recent years in order for Western Power Distribution to lay cabling from the planned incinerator to the national grid. As two routes had originally been planned, neither of which went through the town, they are justifiably outraged to hear this and fearful for the survival of their businesses.


After the final day in court this week, Judge Murray Shanks will be considering his conclusions. Both the Information Commission and GCC made some concessions regarding confidentiality of the Javelin Park contract, so we can expect some information to be revealed, and some to remain redacted. The judge seemed a little fed up with GCC's Ian Mawdsley's convoluted justifications by the end of the day, so there is some hope the revelations will be pertinent to the public interest. His decision is expected in January.


The motion proposed by Cllr Sarah Lunnon this week, intended to make GCC public contracts open and transparent in future, has been referred to the County Council's Constitution Committee for further consideration. The recommendation of the Committee will then return to full Council. We'll keep you posted... in the hope, one day soon, of being able to see what is being paid for with our money as a matter of policy. It doesn't seem like much to ask.

Looking forward to singing with you next week.


Jojo Mehta