#ToxinFreeBonfire - and welcome to NoMoInGlo

Welcome to NoMoInGlo.org - the new website for resistance to incineration in Gloucestershire. 

The Javelin Park saga is not over, no matter what the Council and developer UBB would like you to think, and you can keep up to date on legal, political and direct action developments by signing up to our mailing list.


Bonfire Night is coming up - and the pro-incinerator lobby is fond of saying that if we are worried about dioxin pollution we should ban Bonfire Night, which is notorious for releasing huge quantities of toxic pollution (unfiltered of course) into the air across the UK.  The fireworks are actually not the issue but the many bonfires, what they are burning and how.  

If we are opposing incineration - and we are! - then we must encourage everyone to do three things:

  1. Attend a communal event rather than creating yet another bonfire (more social that way too)
  2. If you must burn, build well and burn hot (smouldering smokey fires are much more polluting)
  3. Don't burn ANYTHING synthetic (plastics, synthetic fibres, anything fossil-fuel based)

Enjoy a safe and #toxinfreebonfire this weekend.

Jojo MehtaNoMoInGlo