Petition ready! - No Public Confidence in GCC

Thank you to all who came to the meeting on Thursday - a fantastic turnout.

We learned some interesting things, including, from David Drew MP, that the construction industry, the EU and even the Conservatives in Scotland are all becoming wary of incineration as a dying approach to waste.

We also learned from Sue Oppenheimer of Community R4C that GCC's external auditors are seriously investigating the council's accounts regarding the Javelin Park contract and have conspicuously not signed off on the Value for Money aspect, meaning that GCC's claims that it's a good deal are downright dishonest.

The meeting passed a unanimous vote of No Confidence in the council.

A few suggestions were made with regard to the draft petition text:

  • more concise

  • context/comparison of suffering front-line support services 

  • adding some specific figures

  • making the ask more concrete

With a little help this has been done and the result is ready to sign here:


Now it's time to share with our networks and post on social media - let's get this going...

Jojo Mehta