Insanerator: Festival of Resistance from 29th May at Shire Hall

It's never too late to expose insanity - especially when we are paying for it with our cash, our health and our climate.

Join an ongoing Festival of creativity, focused on resisting the incinerator, to demand that Gloucestershire County Council:

• Reveal the 2015 renegotiated contract: a tribunal judge has already ruled the information to be in the public interest and NOT restricted by commercial confidentiality.

• Monitor health outcomes for pregnancy, birth, infant and children. Will the council take responsibility for adverse effects?

* Monitor the dangers of the interaction of chemical emissions.

• Commit to NOT burning recyclable waste?

General Facebook event HERE - do share!

Look for specific events as they arise- for example:

Come and Sing - contact Rachael (

Come and Create - contact Josie (

Come and Dance - African drumming band ~ Bantaba playing on date tbc

Come and Fast/Meditate - contact Gail ( - FACEBOOK EVENT HERE

Come and do whatever you like - contact Lucy (

Art, heart & taking part - all are welcome!

Jojo Mehta