Sid is going on hunger strike

Local father-of-two takes drastic action over incinerator


As some of you may have seen in the Citizen's front page headline this week, Sid Saunders, local builder & father-of-two, is going on hunger strike to protest about the incinerator.  He will be starting his strike right on Glos County Council's doorstep at the launch of the Festival of Resistance, Shire Hall this Tuesday at 3pm.

In his own words:

"I couldn't look my children in the eye without feeling that I had tried everything I could to protect their future from this project, which makes no sense on any grounds. I’m not prepared to stand by and do nothing while their health is risked through this tragic mismanagement of all our money - half a billion pounds wasted whilst our local services are closing and collapsing all around us."

The strike will end when Gloucestershire County Council (GCC):

  • makes public the full renegotiated incinerator contract (the so-called Revised Project Plan) - it's our money and we should know how it's spent.
  • commits to NOT burning recyclable waste and takes steps to pre-sort this (including plastics).

Sid aims to raise public awareness about: 

  • the dangers of incineration. 
  • secrecy, misinformation and suppression of democracy at GCC.
  • the need for everyone to treat waste responsibly: reduce, re-use, recycle.

This is an incredibly courageous action. It deserves all our support.

Sid means to remain camped out at Shire Hall, steadfast and fasting, for as long as it takes.  Please join us on Tuesday 29th May at 2pm, and please offer what support you can over the coming days/weeks... attend the Festival events (see FB event page HERE or keep an eye out for our email updates) or just come and hang out for a while, bring yourself, your placards, your family, your friends, your ideas, your voices.  All welcome, all important, all of us. 

Thank you in advance from Sid & family, the NoMoInGlo team - and many more.  And deep thanks go from all of us to Sid for taking this heroic step.  See you on Tuesday!

Jojo Mehta